Resolving Violations: DOB

O dispose of a DOB violation from a assets file, the situation ought to be corrected and proof of that correction have to be provided to the issuing unit. Visit the Contact Us page for the region of every unit. Applicable DOB civil penalty payments should also be made NYC Building Violations.

To view violations on your own home, get admission to the Buildings Information System (BIS). Refer to the BIS Property Profile Overview for the variety of open DOB violations. DOB violations are shown with out an asterisk subsequent to the violation wide variety; dismissed DOB violations are shown with an asterisk, e.G., V*7052-18P.

Detailed information on certain DOB violations is to be had in BIS. If distinctive statistics is not to be had, you can request copies of DOB violations from the issuing unit. The processing price is $8.00 according to copy for each violation; each additional duplicate replica of a contravention is $five.00. You may report a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request via NYC OpenRecords.

See instructions for boiler, elevator, façade and fire safety DOB violations under. For all other DOB violations, contact the issuing unit directly.

DOB Boiler Violation

Local Law 62 of 1991, LBLVIO & HBLVIO

To treatment a note of violation for failure to report a periodic boiler inspection record:

Provide evidence of compliance, consisting of a copy of the filed inspection file for the relevant cycle year; or

Submit to the Department payment of the suitable civil penalties and submitting of a modern inspection record in DOB NOW: Safety. See the Boiler Violation Civil Penalty Reference Chart for statistics on paying the overall civil penalties.

Civil penalty payments can be made via money order; licensed take a look at; or credit score card (2% surcharge carried out; in-character fee handiest) either in-individual or via mail to:

When a boiler in a multi-residing, SRO, commercial, or blended-use constructing is removed and now not changed by using any other boiler, or if it’s far determined not to require filing annual inspection reports due to a chief alternate such as a constructing protection or demolition, you should put up form OP49 to the department within 30 days. A certified expert must entire this shape. Failure to publish shape OP-forty nine will result in late consequences of $50.00 in step with month. In addition, any DOB violations issued because of failure to put up form OP-forty nine within 30 days of boiler elimination or jurisdictional repute alternate are the proprietor’s duty.

To remedy a note of violation for failure to report an elevator inspection and check document:

Provide a letter and proof of compliance, inclusive of a copy of the filed inspection and check record(s) for the relevant cycle year; or,

Submit to the Department price of the precise civil penalties in line with device and submitting of a modern inspection and test record(s) in DOB NOW: Safety.

ELV3 Chart

Civil penalty payments can be made by means of cash order; certified test; or credit card (2% surcharge implemented; in-man or woman fee only) both in-man or woman or via mail to:

Elevator PVT Violation

If the violation is unsafe or turned into issued for no get right of entry to to the device or machine room, a Certified Elevator Inspection Company must put up a letter, by way of mail or in-individual to the Elevator Unit indicating the corrections made and requesting a re-inspection of the tool.

If the violation is non-dangerous, the certified organisation may also itself perform the re-inspection and submit an Affirmation of Correction (ELV29 Form) together with a duplicate of the violation to the Elevator Unit.

ELV29 Form – Rev. 5/15

ELV29 Instructions

Only PVT organizations may post paper ELV29 Forms. All other Affirmations of Correction are required to be submitted in DOB NOW: Safety.

DOB Façade Violation

Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP)

To remedy a Failure to File a Façade Technical Report (NRF) violation

A Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect (RA) wishes to post the awesome proper initial Technical Report Periodic Inspection of Exterior Walls and Appurtenances in DOB NOW: Safety.

Pay the overdue submitting penalties owed – $250 for each month that a suitable report isn’t always filed and $1,000 for each year after the stop of the sub-cycle submitting window duration that a suitable file isn’t filed.

To treatment a Failure to File an Amended Façade Technical Report Violation –

The hazardous façade circumstance ensuing in an dangerous technical report popularity needs to be corrected and a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect desires to publish an appropriate FISP amended technical report in DOB NOW: Safety.

Pay any superb consequences for failure to accurate an hazardous circumstance – $1000 a month for every month there’s no lively extension of time request(s) submitted previous to the submission of the proper amended FISP Technical Report.

Civil penalty bills can be made by using cash order; certified test; or credit score card (2% surcharge implemented; in-person fee simplest). Payment need to be made at:


Facades Cashier Civil Penalty form

Facades Waiver of Penalties shape

DOB Fire Safety Violation

Local Law sixteen of 1984 (Fire Safety Requirements)

The regulation calls for constructing owners to inform the Department of Buildings regarding the compliance status in their constructing by using completing a Report of Compliance with Local Law sixteen/84 form. The necessities to conform range relying on the occupancy. The owner ought to especially imply in this form what paintings has been completed or partly finished to conform with the law. Submit an original and a copy of the notarized form to the Local Law Enforcement Unit at 280 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10007.

Report of Compliance with Local Law 16/84 Form – Rev. 6/03

Instructions Appendix A, Appendix B & Procedures

Local Law 5 of 1973 (hearth protection for high upward push office buildings simplest)

These violations had been issued through the New York City Fire Department and might require administrative dismissal by using the Department of Buildings. Requirements vary consistent with the peak and kind (crucial or non-relevant aircon) of the building. The proprietor is accountable for full compliance with Local Law five of 1973; see the PEO4 checklist for extra facts. Submit a PER11 form to request an appointment with a Project Advocate to talk about the dismissal system.